When The Cows Come Home

When the Cows come Home

You ever see a calf let out of the stall?  We didn’t really know who was more excited today, all our children watching our hereford cows run into their pasture, or the the cows jumping out of the trailer that brought them.  Both were leaping in the air and kicking their heals.  We are certainly excited about our new addition to the Fieldstone Farm, and we are eagerly looking for a bull to make our startup complete.

The phrase “when the cows come home” might cause you to think of unending periods of waiting, but we weren’t waiting anymore!  The cows came home, and we were so excited that we finally found them!  We are hoping they will thrive on our back pasture as we make plans to build a herd that will feed us in the future years.  We want to make sure all our animals are fed a NON-GMO diet, keeping us free the effects of genetic manipulation. 

We get just as excited when guests “come home” too!  You’re always welcome to stop by for a visit.  Who knows, you might just become part of the family too.

The Fieldstone Family


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