What a Beautiful day it was today!

Perfect weather for picking Asian Pears We could not have asked for a better day.  The cloudy, cool morning and the dew on the grass almost made you wish you had a hoodie on. But just before lunch time, the sun finally threw off the covers; creating

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We Are Picking Asian Pears

These are everyone’s favorites… I wish we had time to show you some pictures of them, but we are so busy picking ’em right now.  The trees are just loaded, literally weighed down with fruit.  We are picking as fast as we can go.  So, we are

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Summer Apples are Here!

Summer Apples are Here…       …and they are delicious.  Now, we will be the first to tell you these are not the largest of apples.  But, what they lack in size, these little organic jewels make up for in flavor!  They are perfect for juicing, making cider,

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Summer Apples It just would not be summer without delicious summer time apples!  They are crisp, full of flavor, and they’re ripening up.  So, with blackberry season  ended, we wait with anticipation. They will soon be ready for the picking. Keep watching here for more updates.  We

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Melons! The long and hot days of summer are here and with it have come melons! They are the perfect treat for summer. Whether you cut them up and eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a snack in between. They are juicy, sweet, and available

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Blackberries are Now Available!!

  The long wait is over…             …and your patience is going to pay off.  These pictures were taken a few days ago.  Since that time, our early pickers have been coming out with beautiful, plump, and sweet blackberries.  Some of them have already been

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Blackberries are coming!

Blackberries are coming… The seasons are changing here at Fieldstone once again.  With the hotter days of summer now here,  strawberry and cherry seasons are over.  But, blackberry season will soon be open.  Keep watching our posts for the official opening of the blackberry u-pick season in

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Trail Days…

Trail Days   Summer time is here, even though it is not “official” until the 21st of this month.  School’s out, the days are gettin’ longer and many of us are “hittin’ the trail”.  That means hiking, biking, horseback riding, and even driving to a new destination. 

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Signs of Summer

Signs of Summer                                                        It has been a very busy strawberry season for us this year so far.  And in walking around our farm this weekend, there are many early signs of more to come.  The blackberries are blooming, the pears and apples are  setting on, and the

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Fresh Herbs

Fresh Herbs! Right now we have some delicious herbs available right from our gardens.  They are perfect for your light summer cooking.  Don’t miss out on fresh dill, fennel, and oregano.  We have fresh spearmint and peppermint too!   Our hours are:   Sunday- Thursday:   8:30am

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