Grapes and Friendship

The grapevines we inherited here at Fieldstone are so beautiful this time of year.  How could we even begin to explain the beauty of this place?  That’s why we need pictures!  We have been examining the grapevines this time of year, considering what needs to winter over, and what needs to go. 

The most objective way to examine the grapevine is by the fruit it produces.  Is there anything more beautiful than a big cluster of grapes?

Sometimes there are vines in the way harvesting the fruit.  Obviously, those have to go.  Then, there are the branches that aren’t productive at all.  These too we lop off, looking for those that will yield the healthiest fruit next year.

We’ve been examining our own relationships with one another in our community and across the Twelve Tribes; making sure we’re all vitally connected to one another.  We know that if we have deeply connected friendships, there’s nothing we can’t face together.   This is a time where we examine ourselves and “prune” off any hurtful ways to others –  we call it Yom Kippur.

Perhaps more beautiful than the cluster of grapes is a cluster of people –  living together in unity and having wonderful friendships that get better every year.

The Fieldstone Family

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