Winter is Warmin’ Up

Any one else feel the change in the season?  Jonathan, one of our crew foremen, jumped into a pile a of dead wood and started making sure we have everything we need for the brisk winter ahead of us.  Its is amazing all the resources we have available to us on the farm.  We want to make sure that we are reducing costs wherever possible to make it through the winter’s projects at hand.

 We are focused on exploring other realms of alternative energy that will get us ready for the future.  Any dependence we have on recourses outside of our control will only encumber us further as we try to get off the grid.  We are currently looking for wood stoves to heat our gathering area, and other sections of housing. 
If you have any ideas, please let us know as we explore alternative energy.   You could even come and work with us for a while if you’d like.  Just give us a call. One way we are learning to control our dependence on outside recourses is to accurately assess our needs.  If we overstate, or overestimate what we need in the community, other’s needs don’t get met.  We only have so much to give, and when all the participants give all, all the needs are met among us.  We are thankful to be learning to work together.

The Fieldstone Family

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